Zella arrives at Queen Cor's palace on Coregos to sell honey.

Species Human
Residence Pingaree, formerly Regos
Affiliation Nikobob
First Appearance Rinkitink in Oz

Zella was a girl living on Regos, who got tangled up in Prince Inga's quest to conquer that island and free his people from slavery.


Zella was the daughter of Nikobob. Nikobob one day came home with shoes he had found near the palace, which Inga had lost. He gave them to her as a gift, not realizing they contained magical pearls which would protect her and give her strength.

She wore her new pair of shoes -- the first pair she'd ever owned, her family being poor -- on her journey to sell honey to Queen Cor. On the way, she discovered that she couldn't be injured and had tremendous strength, so she defended herself against wild animals.

Arriving at Queen Cor's palace, she met Inga, who by that time had been made a slave. He begged for his shoes back, and gave her the shoes he was wearing in exchange and promised to make her and her family comfortable. She agreed.

She accompanied him and his party to Regos, where they discovered that the Gos and Cor had fled the islands with Inga's parents. The party left in pursuit, leaving Zella behind; but Inga gave Nikobob permission to move to Pingaree and build a house there. (Rinkitink in Oz)

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