X. Pando the elevator man provides lifts to the top of Moojer Mountain in the Munchkin Country of Oz.


He is a tall, serious-looking fellow in a blue leather uniform; he emerges from a stone doorway set into the surface of the mountain. His legs expand accordion-like, allowing him to reach atmospheric heights, high above the top of the mountain itself. His lifting is controlled by the gold buttons on the front of his jacket. He demands payment for his service — though that payment can be as minor as dancing a waltz. (Ojo in Oz)

Without going into detail, X. Pando claims to derive his unusual abilities from his father. In this, he resembles Kuma Party, another magical anomaly of Oz who gained his special skill from his paternal parent.


His name is an obvious pun on "expand." Yet it can also be noted that "pando" is Latin for "I spread." Ruth Plumly Thompson gives occasional hints of classical knowledge in her books, as with the reference to dithyrambics in Speedy in Oz.

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