Woe is oz

Woe is Oz is a 2011 comic book series telling the story of a rebellion in Oz, and how Ozma deals with it.

Official Description

Woe is Oz brings about the rebellion of Winkies – a now slaving population due to their former allegiance with the Wicked Witch of the West – against the new queen, Ozma. The Brave Lion’s den and Tin Man’s throne have both been taken over and Munchkin County is covered in blood due to mass murder. In a world where killing for any reason, whether it be deserving or not, is illegal what will Ozma do to protect her people? Will she go back on her own words against murder? Or will she find a peaceful solution to the rebellion?

Led by a married couple, Umb and Ra, the Winkies set the stage for a war in Ozma – Winkies versus everyone else. Having aided in the destruction of many regions in Oz and holding rallies to encourage the destruction of many more, the capture of Umb and Ra is Ozma’s main target and her best chance at a peaceful solution. The Winkie’s have been undergoing punishment from the Queen for many years and they have had enough – taking Ozma’s greatest allies hostage and spreading their hate further across Oz is only the beginning. As far as Winkie’s are concerned, Ozma will pay the price for her actions and so will anyone who holds loyalty to her. The Winkie’s will have their day – no matter what the cost.

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