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This partial list of the minor cast in the 1939 MGM film The Wizard of Oz includes extras and stand-ins and stunt players.

Emerald City citizens:

  • Dorothy Barrett: manicurist
  • Amelia Batchelor
  • Lorraine Bridges
  • Tyler Brooke
  • Charles Irwin: tin polisher
  • Lois January: manicurist
  • Ethelreda Leopold: manicurist
  • Dona Massin: manicurist
  • Elvida Rizzo
  • Helen Seamon: woman with cat
  • Oliver Smith


  • Gladys W. Allison
  • John Ballas
  • Frank "Mike" Balluck
  • Josefine Balluck
  • John T. Bambury
  • Charley Becker: mayor
  • Freda Betsky
  • Henry Boers
  • Theodore Boers
  • Christine Buresh
  • Eddie Buresh
  • Lida Buresh
  • Betty Ann Cain (child actress)
  • Mickey Carroll: fiddler
  • Nona Cooper
  • Tommy Cottonaro
  • Elizabeth Coulter
  • Lewis Croft
  • Frank H. Cucksey
  • Billy Curtis
  • Eugene S. David Jr.
  • Eulie H. David
  • Ethel W. Denis
  • Prince Denis: sergeant-at-arms
  • Hazel I. Derthick
  • James D. Doyle
  • Carl M. "Kayo" Erickson: trumpeter #2
  • Fern Formica: "sleepyhead"
  • Addie Eva Frank
  • Thaisa L. Gardner
  • Jackie Gerlich: Lollipop Guild
  • William A. Giblin
  • Jack Glicken
  • Carolyn E. Granger
  • Joseph Herbst: soldier
  • Jakob Hofbauer: soldier
  • Clarence Chester Howerton: trumpeter #3
  • Helen M. Hoy
  • James R. Hulse
  • Donna Jean Johnson (child actress)
  • Robert Kantor
  • Eleanor Keaton
  • Charles E. Kelley
  • Jessie E. Kelley
  • Joan Kenmore (child actress)
  • Shirley Ann Kennedy (child actress)
  • Frank Kikel
  • Bernard "Harry" Klima
  • Emma Koestner
  • Mitzi Koestner
  • Willi Koestner: soldier
  • Karl Kosiczky: trumpeter #1
  • Joseph J. Koziel
  • Dolly F. Kramer
  • Emil Kranzler
  • Nita Krebs: Lullabye League
  • Eva Lee Kuney (child actress)
  • Jeane LaBarbera
  • Hilda Lange
  • Johnny Leal
  • Ann Rice Leslie
  • Charles Ludwig
  • Dominick Magro
  • Carlos Manzo
  • Howard Marco
  • Bela Matina
  • Lajos Matina
  • Matjus Matina
  • Patsy May (child actress)
  • Jerry Maren (Gerard Marenghi): Lollipop Guild
  • Walter M. B. Miller
  • George Ministeri: coach driver
  • Priscilla Montgomery (child actress)
  • Harry Monty: soldier
  • Yvonne Moray Bistany: Lullabye League
  • Olga C. Nardone: Lullabye League
  • Nels P. Nelson
  • Margaret C. H. Nickloy
  • Franklin H. O'Baugh
  • William H. O'Docharty
  • Hildred C. Olson
  • Frank Packard
  • Nicholas Page: soldier
  • Leona M. Parks
  • Margaret Pellegrini: "sleepyhead"
  • Johnny Pizo
  • Leon Polinsky
  • Lillian Porter
  • Meinhardt Rabbe: coroner
  • Margaret Raia
  • Matthew Raia
  • Hazel Resmondo
  • William "Little Billy" Rhodes: barrister
  • Gertrude H. Rice
  • Freddy Ritter: fiddler
  • Ruth L. Robinson
  • Sandor Roak
  • Jimmie Rosen
  • Charles F. Royale (Wojnarski)
  • Helen J. Royale (Wojnarski)
  • Stella A. Royale (Wojnarski)
  • Albert Ruddinger
  • Parnell St. Aubin: soldier
  • Elly A. "Tiny Doll" Schneider
  • Frieda "Gracie Doll" Schneider
  • Kurt "Harry Doll" Schneider: Lollipop Guild
  • Hilda E. "Daisy Doll" Schneider
  • Valerie Shepard (child actress)
  • Elsie R. Schultz
  • Charles Silvern
  • Garland "Earl" Slatten
  • Ruth E. Smith
  • Elmer Spangler
  • Carl Stephan
  • Alta M. Stevens
  • George Suchsie
  • Charlotte V. Sullivan
  • August Clarence Swenson: soldier
  • Betty Tanner (Betty D. Toczylowski)
  • Arnold Vierling
  • Gus Wayne: soldier
  • Victor Wetter: army captain
  • Viola White (child actress)
  • Gracie G. Williams
  • Harvey B. Williams
  • Margaret Williams: "sleepyhead"
  • Johnny Winters: navy commander
  • Marie Winters
  • Gladys V. Wolff
  • Murray Wood: soldier

Flying monkeys:

  • Buster Brodie
  • Harry Cogg
  • Sid Dawson
  • Sig Frohlich
  • Walter M. B. Miller
  • Lee Murray
  • George Noisom
  • Jack Paul

Winkie guards:

  • Phil Harron
  • Ambrose Schindler
  • Robert St. Angelo
  • Harry Wilson

It was Bobbie Koshay, not Judy Garland, who was carried into the air by the flying monkeys in the haunted forest scene. Caren Marsh-Doll stood in for Garland in tasks like blocking shots and camera tests.

When Betty Danko was seriously injured while filming the broom-skywriting scene, Eileen Goodman finished the shoot for her.

None of the Munchkins sang on the film's soundtrack; their voices were dubbed by professional singers. Most of the Munchkins were "little people," though their numbers were supplemented by a few children. (There were more males than females among the little people in the cast; eight girl actresses helped to even out the gender proportions.)

At least 300 extras were used in the film's Emerald City scenes. They worked for four days, and made $11 per day.

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