The Wiz Kids of Oz were a group of fourth-and-fifth-grade elementary school students who wrote and illustrated Oz adventures under the guidance of their teacher, Serafin R. Padilla. The varous members of the group produced seven Oz fictions over a period of years:

  • Our Trip to Oz (1989)
  • The Enchanted Emeralds of Oz (1990)
  • Many Lands in Oz (1991)
  • The Liberty Bell of Oz (1992)
  • W. W. Denslow in Oz (1993)
  • John R. Neill Visits Oz (1994)
  • A Valuable Gift from Oz (1995).

The stories tend to resemble each other, often involving the students' rescue of a kidnapped Padilla from the villain, a witch named Allidap.

Melody Grandy provided illustrative help for the first two Wiz Kids efforts.

(Oz author, artist, and publisher Chris Dulabone guided a similar effort of a more limited extent, among his own elementary school students.)

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