William F. Lee (died March 1924) purchased the interest of Sumner Charles Britton when Britton retired from business in 1919, becoming a partner in L. Frank Baum's publisher. Reilly & Britton became Reilly & Lee.

Lee established a reputation as a successful Bible salesman with the Holman Company prior to joining Reilly & Britton. In 1916, Frank Reilly sent Lee to Los Angeles to negotiate with Baum, who was thinking of jumping to another firm. Lee convinced Baum to stay with his longtime publisher.

As partner, Lee bore the title of vice president from 1919 to 1924. Lee was the man who negotiated with Ruth Plumly Thompson when she became the second "Royal Historian" of Oz. (Lee was from Philadelphia, and knew Thompson's work in The Philadelphia Public Ledger.)


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