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"Dorothy looked at each letter carefully, and finally discovered that these words were written in the sand: BEWARE THE WHEELERS! "
Ozma of Oz (1907)

Wheelers 1907

The Wheelers are fictonal characters invented by L. Frank Baum. They are a race of disagreeable creatures, much like the Winged Monkeys of Oz. They appear in Baums' third Oz book titled 'Ozma of Oz', published in (1907).

IMG 20140729 083912

Gang of Wheelers in Return to Oz. (1985)

  • The Wheelers happen to live in the Land of Ev which is a neighboring fairy-country to the magical Land of Oz and is separated from Oz by the Deadly Desert that surrounds all of Oz.

Baums' Description

111210 ozma04

Wheelers in the Marvel Comic.

"Dorothy turned quickly around, and saw coming out of a path that led from between the trees the most peculiar person her eyes had ever beheld. It had the form of a man, except that it walked, or rather rolled, upon all fours, and its legs were the same length as its arms, giving them the appearance of the four legs of a beast. Yet it was no beast that Dorothy had discovered, for the person was clothed most gorgeously in embroidered garments of many colors, and wore a straw hat perched jauntily upon the side of its head. But it differed from human beings in this respect, that instead of hands and feet there grew at the end of its arms and legs round wheels, and by means of these wheels it rolled very swiftly over the level ground. Afterward Dorothy found that these odd wheels were of the same hard substance that our finger-nails and toe-nails are composed of, and she also learned that creatures of this strange race were born in this queer fashion. But when our little girl first caught sight of the first individual of a race that was destined to cause her a lot of trouble, she had an idea that the brilliantly-clothed personage was on roller-skates, which were attached to his hands as well as to his feet. "
Ozma of Oz (1907)
IMG 20140429 082216

The Wheelers of Ev!

The Wheelers are a clan of unknown species who reside in the country of Ev, which is ruled by the infamous Princess Langwidere. They are a rambunctious group who strangly have the forms of human men, except that they roll on all fours, their legs and arms being the same length. Instead of hands and feet they have wheels, which are made from the same material as finger-nails and toe-nails. The Wheelers wear gorgeously embroidered, tight-fitting garments.

They are really actually harmless because they have no hands to punch or grab or scratch with, and no feet to kick with. They write warnings in the sand and act fiercely to make people afraid of them, in order to protect themselves. (Ozma of Oz)

In Return to Oz

1583824887 57504923e9

The Wheelers as portrayed in Return to Oz.

The Land of Oz is overrun with Wheelers when Dorothy returns to Oz; everyone in the Emerald City is turned to stone so no one can resist them. They terrorize Dorothy and Billina until they find Tik-Tok and wind him up. Tik-Tok is then able to defend them. (Return to Oz)

In Dorothy Meets Ozma of Oz

Wheeler Dorzma

Wheelers in the 80's cartoon.

The Wheelers chase Dorothy after she eats a lunch-box from the Lunch-box tree. They also chased Toto when he arrived, scaring him off in the direction of the Nome King. Ozma finally arrives, forcing the Wheelers to apologize to Dorothy and admit that they're not ferocious at all but must act that way because they only have wheels and no hands or feet. (Dorothy Meets Ozma of Oz)

In Lost in Oz

Alexandra Wilder and her party encounter a sign during their travels through Oz that reads "Beware the Wheelers". Later, they are attacked while camping during the night and are forced to fight off the Wheelers using a pistol. (Lost in Oz)

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