The Valley of Lost Things is the seventh and final valley in Merryland. No one lives in this valley and it is seldom visited. Whenever anything is lost in the outside world, it winds up in this valley.


The floor of the Valley is completely covered with thousands and thousands of pins. Scattered around are piles of thimbles, buttons, hairpins, rings, pencils, and pennies. There are lots of boys' caps and overcoats, though very few girls'.

When Dot Freeland and Tot Thompson visited the valley with the Queen of Merryland, Tot found a long lost toy. He was allowed to take it with him since, being found, it did not belong in the Valley anymore. (Dot and Tot of Merryland)

In Dorothy Must Die

Amy Gumm and Ozma find an Island of Lost Things, whose function is identical to that of the Valley. It has piles and piles of lost items, lost from anywhere in the world. ("The Wicked Will Rise")


In comparison with the Valley of Lost Things, there are cities of lost things in Grace Duffie Boylan's 1909 children's novel Yama Yama Land, a noteworthy imitation of L. Frank Baum's work.

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