The Valley of Dolls is the fourth valley of Merryland. It is the largest and most important because it is the home of the Queen.

A high wall separates the valley from the river, and a single wooden gate, plated with gold and silver and guarded by wooden soldiers, allows entrance to the valley. Within the wall are several pretty streets with rows of little houses, ornamented and brightly painted, to make a toy village. The trees are carved from wood and painted a bright emerald green, and the grass is made from wood shavings dyed the same color. The horses that pull the queen's carriage are stuffed with cotton and stand on wooden platforms with rollers underneath.

The residents of the fourth valley are dolls of all sorts: rag, wax, wood, china, bisque, corncob, rubber, and papier-mâchê. Many of them are stuffed with sawdust, and sawdust is the food they eat. They are brought to life by the queen's magic wand and can walk and talk, but when she tires of them she puts them to sleep. They love to dance, but they can be troublesome when they're not entertained. (Dot and Tot of Merryland)

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