The Valley of Bonbons is the second of seven valleys in Merryland. Everything there is made of candy.

The river flows along one side of the valley, with a high rock wall on one side and the flat plain of the valley on the other. The ground is made of fudge, and the trees are striped like candy sticks. The houses are small; the largest one belonging to the Candy Man and his wife. Besides the main river of Merryland, there is a pink lemonade river.

The people of the Valley are made of candy and eat nothing but candy. They are somewhat brittle, like Mr. Gunther, and when someone is broken beyond repair it is considered quite a compliment for his neighbors to feast upon his pieces.

Gum chewing is considered a disagreeable habit in the Second Valley, and those who do it are made to sit among the rocks near the mountain for a week. (Dot and Tot of Merryland)

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