The Valley of Babies is the third valley of Merryland. It is blanketed with silken, white moss that seems like plush. There are a few trees with large, fragrant flowers, but most of the valley is open to the sunshine. In the center of the valley is a fountain that sprays sweet milk into a white marble basin.

Hundreds of helpless, naked babies lie around the valley. They sleep or coo softly, and kick their feet or suck their thumbs, but never cry or fret. They are attended by several white Storks who care for their every need, filling bottles from the milk fountain. Fleecy, flower-like baby-blossoms regularly float down from the sky and open to reveal new babies. To prevent overcrowding, the Storks bundle up a few babies every day and deliver them to the outside world. (Dot and Tot of Merryland)

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