Hi all,

I received this email today and thought you'd might be interested... I have bought several of these Delphi collections and they're usually very good.



Email:SERIES TWO COMPLETE!Dear customer, This title is now available to purchase in Kindle and ePub format: The Complete Works of L. Frank Baum For the first time ever in print or digital publishing, Delphi Classics is proud to present the complete fictional works of master storyteller L. Frank Baum. This monumental eBook offers thousands of beautiful illustrations, lost works, informative introductions and the usual Delphi bonus material. The title can be purchased directly from us now at a reduced price or will be available in the Amazon, Apple, Nook and Kobo stores in a day or two. Please note: due to Amazon’s 50mb file size restriction, the Kindle version will be available in the Amazon store in two parts. The Kindle version in our store is a single 71mb file. Please click on a link below for more information: Link for Kindle versionLink for ePub version Thank you for reading our email.

Kind regards,

Delphi Classics

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