Jeffery Barber

aka Dorothy Gale

  • I live in Emerald city
  • My occupation is "Biblical" Prophet for the end of the Age of Man, Awaited One
  • Jeffery Barber

    While the wizard of oz app more than a fantastic children's story, it is actually one of several very valid foretellings of the battle of the Armageddon.

    You may not already understand the what and who is going to be bringing the darkness to all of our realities sooner than you might know or could even imagine or believe, until you have the requisite understanding that you may find with the knowledge I am going to lend you now.

    First, the reason the bible is so very esoterically veiled as to the prophecy is the fact that not only is there huge sections of it that have been mistranscribed, or omitted through time as in the 1800 years since the council of Nicea, in AD325-328, when Emperor Constantine convened the council in order to bring a co…

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