Udent is one of a trio of Imps who tormented people in a remote valley in the Land of Oz. His brothers imps are Ertinent and Olite.


The three imps are queer little dwarfs with big round ears, flat noses, and wide grinning mouths. Their jet-black hair comes to a point like horns on tops of their heads. Their clothing fits snugly.

They live in caves hollowed from the rocks. They are so small that they seem harmless.


When Ozma and the Wizard of Oz heard that Imp Olite, Imp Ertinent, and Imp Udent were bothering the people of Oz, they confronted the troublemakers. After several failed attempts at subduing them, the Wizard transformed them into buttons. Udent became a brass button, but when he reforms he will turn to gold, signaling the Wizard that he can be returned to his proper form with a new name. ("Ozma and the Little Wizard")

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