U.N. Krust
U.N. Krust
Title U.N. Krust the Mince Pie
Species Living Pie
Origin Kansas (Powder of Life)
Residence Land of Oz
Affiliation Dorothy Gale, Jack Pumpkinhead, Hungry Tiger, Tik-Tok
First Appearance Dorothy in the Land of Oz (1980)

U.N. Krust is a living mince pie brought to life by the Powder of Life. Its only appearance was in the Thanksgiving special Dorothy in the Land of Oz released in 1980. He is a well mannered and smooth talking pie who due to his minced nature can speak in a variety of accents.


In the film, the pie was originally baked by Aunt Em for the family's Farewell Thanksgiving Dinner, but was "borrowed" by the Wizard. Dorothy Gale then pursued the thieving Wizard who apologized for his actions as he had been going through hard times since returning to Kansas and returned the Pie. He then showed her his new turkey balloon which ended up grabbing her pie, and in attempt to grab it, Dorothy and Toto were carried away by it too. The balloon then carried them all the way back to Oz were they and the pie fell near Jack Pumpkinhead's House. Jack Pumpkinhead then showed them his Powder of Life, however it was soon taken by the evil Tyrone the Toy Tinker who used it on the turkey balloon, turning it into the Green Gobbler of Oz. After he left on the giant bird, it turned out some of the powder he used fell on the Mince Pie, bringing it to life, the pie then introduced itself as "Krust, U.N. Krust" using a british accent.

He was voiced by Emmy Award winner and famed actor Sid Ceaser who also voiced the Wizard in the same film.


Among the accents U.N. Krust speaks are the following-

  • Cockney
  • German
  • Spanish
  • Irish
  • British
  • Italian
  • Native American
  • French