Twi is a small, hidden kingdom located between Auriel and Spor, on the Island of Yew.


It exists in a perpetual twilight, from which fact it derives its name. It is surrounded by a dense hedge of briars and thorns, penetrable only by fairy magic. Everything in Twi is twinned; every person, house, tree, flower, cow, dog, statue, fountain, every object, exists with its own double. When single people arrive from the outside world, the inhabitants of Twi are amazed at them — and amazed to learn that an outside world even exists.

In the doubled capital city, also called Twi, live the rulers of the land — the Ki of Twi (two old and gray-bearded twins), the Ki-Ki of Twi (young and golden-haired twins), and above all the High Ki of Twi. (The Enchanted Island of Yew)

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