A Tuxix is a strange, malevolent, magical being of the great forest.


Small but powerful, the tuxix looks rather like a turtle that has traded its shell for a collection of prickers or little spikes. It has small, cruel-looking red eyes. The tuxix is "a magician, a sorcerer, a wizard, and a witch all rolled into one...and you can imagine what a dreadful thing that would be." The tuxix can place powerful transformation spells on other creatures, and does so for its own malicious pleasure. (Policeman Bluejay)

When meeting a potential victim, the tuxix can claim to be a beautiful maiden who has been enchanted (by, of all things, a tuxix). It may ask to be picked up and caressed, and so freed of the spell — though this will merely enslave the gullible victim.


As a hybrid of magical beings, the tuxix compares with other hybrids in the books of L. Frank Baum, like Glinkomok in "The Laughing Hippopotamus" and Zog in The Sea Fairies.

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