or "Toto" is an ally of Azkadellia on the miniseries Tin Man.

A changeling who resembles a portly dark-skinned man in his true form, Tutor, played by Blu Mankuma, is a warm and genial character who is capable of turning into a small dog. His counterpart in the novel is Dorothy's pet dog, Toto,[3] and "Toto" was also what DG, unable to pronounce "Tutor" as a child, called him in flashbacks during the miniseries.

When Azkadellia and DG were children, Tutor taught them how to hone their magical abilities. When first introduced, he is a spy for Azkadellia, dropping holographic coins for Xora to collect and take back to her mistress. Cain soon finds the coins and deduces that Tutor has been spying on them. Tutor admits it, but claims that he stopped dropping the coins miles back and only wants to help DG now. DG accepts Tutor's explanation and allows him to continue traveling with them. Tutor proves to be a courageous and brave individual who takes part in the final battle against Azkadellia's minions.


  • Tutor is technically the Toto of the series. Because D.G. always mistakingly calls him Toto and he used the form of a similar dog for one of his disguises.

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