Turvyland is a strange country which can be reached from the Land of Mo by riding the Rootbeer River to where it disappears down the Great Hole.

In Turvyland, trees grow on their top branches with their roots in the air. Houses rest on their chimneys with the doorsteps at the top. Rabbits fly and skylarks walk on the ground.

The people of Turvyland wear boots on (and walk on) their hands, using their toes very handily. They eat with their ears, listen with their mouths, smell with their eyes, and see out of their noses. They speak silently and are quiet when they have something to say. They weep when they are happy, and laugh when grieved.

Duchess Bredenbutta from the Land of Mo once visited Turvyland and befriended a boy named Upsydoun. After enjoying a meal with the boy and his family, the duchess was eager to return home where things are normal. (The Magical Monarch of Mo)

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