Tubekins is a citizen of the Fairyland ruled by Tititi-Hoochoo, and is the King of the Tube.


His face is beautiful but expressionless; his hair is black, bushy, and curly. He has large, blue eyes and white, perfect teeth. He wears a crown on his head, sandals on his feet, and a scarlet, knee-length tunic with terrible dragon's head embroidered on its bosom. The skin of one of his arms is a bright yellow, and that of the other is a vivid green. One of his legs is blue and the other is pink, and his feet are jet black.

He tends a garden of pink violets near the end of the Hollow Tube, although he objects to that term because a tube is by definition hollow.


The Nome King dropped Betsy Bobbin and company through the Hollow Tube, and when they emerged Queen Ann Soforth landed on Tubekins' head, smashing his crown down over his eyes. Tubekins brought them to the Great Jinjin and later escorted them back to the Tube for their return trip home. (Tik-Tok of Oz)

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