Toto of Oz is a modern-day Oz book, the second by Gina Wickwar. Like her first, The Hidden Prince of Oz, it was illustrated by Anna-Maria Cool.


The King of Kiltoon's new bride has vanished; in reaction, the unhappy ruler bans most of his subjects' pleasures. Sonny Burns, royal poet, sets out in search of something to relieve his ruler's despondency. Toto, meanwhile, has lost his growl, and believes other animals have stolen it from him. He sets off on a quest of his own through the deep forests of the Gillikin Country of Oz.

There he meets Sonny the poet, along with a plaid Hoot Owl, an aristocratic guinea pig, and a little boy and pony who have been magically transported from Kentucky to Oz. The party's course is frustrated by more malign magic, so that they have a challenging puzzle to solve before they can set matters to rights.


Toto had lost his growl once before in the Oz literature: Ugu the shoemaker deprived him of it in The Lost Princess of Oz.

Wickwar's Toto of Oz should not be confused with Chris Dulabone's Toto in Oz (1986).

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