Toto in Oz is a modern-day Oz fiction written and illustrated by Chris Dulabone.


Toto becomes the butt of his friends' humor after he falls into a picnic basket during the annual Midsummer Day celebration. The dog decides to salve his wounded feelings by consulting Glinda the Good; he thinks he will command respect if he can gain a noble title. On his way to Glinda's castle in the Quadling Country, he finds the town of Arfrica (a human community despite its name); there he digs up an ivory sceptre, which he mistakes for a bone. Proclaimed First Magistrate for a nine-year term, Toto demands that the residents learn the language of dogs. He is about to suffer an arranged marriage with a human bride, but escapes on a magic carpet. After falling in love with a Scottish Terrier called Labyz, he designates a Second Magistrate to fulfill his responsibilities and returns to the Emerald City.


Dulabone's Toto in Oz should not be confused with Gina Wickwar's Toto of Oz of 2006.

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