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Tollydob is the second of the five high counselors of Noland, and the lord high general of the king's army, commanding seven thousand seven hundred seventy-seven soldiers.


He was short and fat, but solemn and dignified. He was a ten-foot giant for a while, but was later reduced to six feet.


Tollydob, though he was an effective general, was embarrased by his diminutive height. One day while wearing Princess Fluff's Magic Cloak, Tollydob wished to be ten feet tall. The wish was immediately granted and, although it caused a great deal of inconvenience, Tollydob enjoyed his new stature. Later, when the Magic Cloak was taken back by the Fairies who made it, Tollydob was reduced to a more manageable, but still respectable, six feet in height. (Queen Zixi of Ix)

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