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Map 1921 oz gameboard

The game board.

The Wonderful Game of Oz was a noteworthy example of Oz promotional merchandise, an Oz-themed board game manufactured by Parker Brothers. It was first sold to the public in 1921 and remained on the market until at least 1939.

The playing board was a large map of Oz, lithographed in color, with the Yellow Brick Road passing over it. Players moved figurines along the Road according to their throw of a die. In early versions of the game, the figurines were pewter representations of the Oz characters — Dorothy Gale, the Tin Woodman, the Scarecrow, the Cowardly Lion, and Toto. Later versions replaced the pewter with less-expensive wooden pieces. The game was equipped with a dice cup, and a die that bore the letters W, I, Z, A, R, and D on its faces.

Later versions of Oz board games were issued by Milton Bradley, E.E. Fairchild, and the Lowe Company, among others.


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