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Somewhere over the Rainbow, there's a place that's made of Dreams, somewhere over the Rainbow, the Land of Oz calls out for thee, somewhere over the Rainbow, the Emerald City shines and gleams, somewhere over the Rainbow, Dorothy Gale sings a lullaby to me, somewhere over the Rainbow, Magic Slippers clicked times three, somewhere over the Rainbow, is where I wish to be...

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This wiki is dedicated to the task of collecting and displaying to the public information regarding the world surrounding the Land of Oz created by author L. Frank Baum in his original series of books, which was continued by other authors and explored further in print, on the stage, and on the silver screen with many canon continuation and adaptations.

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"Over the Rainbow, and many, many miles East of nowhere, lies the Magical Land of Oz, a magnificent empire created in the mind of a man named L. Frank Baum, who wrote a marvelous book about it titled The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, the first American Fairytale. And like wildfire in a wheatfield, the spellbinding tale of Oz spread from town, to city, to nation, and captured the hearts of people young and old from all over the entire world. Even a century after it was first told, Oz is still as entrancing and intriguing as it was over one hundred years ago in 1900. And unlike many stories told throughout time, Oz hasn't lost it's ability to cause people from generation from generation to fall under it's spell. There are so many endearing characters to meet and places to go, fantastical adventures to have and enchanted inhabitants to encounter. So, just follow the Yellow Brick Road, visit the Emerald City and click your heels in anticipation. The wonderful world of Oz awaits you! "
―The Wonderful Wiki of Oz!

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== Double Feature ==

Yankee in Oz is an Oz book written by Ruth Plumly Thompson about the space dog Yankee and a drummer boy nicknamed Tompy who find themselves in Oz around the same time of Labor Day. This being still being patriotic is why it is picked for the month of July. The was not published until 1972 by the International Wizard of Oz Club and though it is not part of the famous 40, it is considered to be number 41.

The Patchwork Girl of Oz is the 7th Oz book written by L. Frank Baum which was published 103 years ago this month in 1913. It had its own silent film adaptation also released in July 102 years ago in 1914.

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