The Witch Must Burn is the 2nd prequel novella in the Dorothy Must Die series by Danielle Page. It was released electonically on November 14th, 2014 and is inlcuded in the paperback Dorothy Must Die Stories along with No Place Like Oz and The Wizard Returns.


Told from the perpective of Jellia Jamb sometime after Dorothy takes over the Emerald City, she overhears Dorothy talking to Glinda about the mysterious reappearance of the Wizard as they fear he is a threat. Jellia is sent away to work at Glinda's palace during the summer with the intent of Glinda using her in order to mine magic from Oz.


  • Jellia says that she was placed onto the steps of the Emerald City as a baby.
  • It is noted that Jellia and Ozma grew up together but she mentions nothing in relation of Ozma having been missing. This either refers that she was not present during Dorothy's first visit, events relating to her disappearance is altered, or she simply omits it.
  • It is revealed Jellia is part fairy but Ozma did not want her to practice magic in fear of people learning this. It is possible they are closely or distantly related.
  • Glinda's obsession with pink items refers to her protrayal in the 1939 film by Billie Burke. In the canonical books, she tends to wear white.
    • Since she will not eat food unless it is colored pink might be a symptom of various mental problems including obsessive–compulsive disorder (OCD).

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