The Visitors from Oz is a 1960 Oz book, containing material originally written by L. Frank Baum and adapted by Jean Kellogg. It was illustrated by Dick Martin, published by Reilly & Lee.

Kellogg took 11 of the 26 stories from the newspaper comic strip Queer Visitors from the Marvelous Land of Oz and recast them into a new form. She also added some material of her own: Uncle Henry and Aunt Em are revealed to have known the Scarecrow and other Oz denizens long before they meet in the orthodox Oz works (which occurs in The Emerald City of Oz).

Another edition of Queer Visitors material was printed as The Third Book of Oz (1989).

The Visitors from Oz should not be confused with Visitors from Oz, the similarly-titled but very different 1998 novel by Martin Gardner.

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