The Shifting Sands of Oz is a work of contemporary Oz fiction, written and illustrated by a group of creators, and published by Buckethead Enterprises of Oz in 1995.

The five writers responsible for the work are Chris Dulabone, Greg Hunter, Marcus Mebes, Jeremy Steadman, and Marin Elizabeth Xiques. The artists who provided the illustrations are Dulabone, Mebes, Xiques, Marc Berezin, and Melody Grandy.

Some of the same people worked on the multi-voiced Fwiirp in Oz a year later (1996). Shifting Sands employs the same multiple-stories-within-a-story structure as Fwiirp and other some Buckethead projects.

Shifting Sands suggests that the Land of Oz is larger than the United States, perhaps larger than the North American continent. This is certainly the largest estimate ever offered; other commentators have proposed an Oz that is A) about 90 by 70 miles in dimension, or B) the size of the state of Colorado.

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