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Written by  L. Frank Baum
Illustrator  John R. Neill
Published  1909
Publisher  Reilly & Britton

The Road to Oz is the fifth book in L. Frank Baum's Oz book series.

Plot Summary

A Shaggy Man wanders past the Kansas farm where Dorothy Gale lives. He asks for directions, and while Dorothy is showing him the way, they meet a boy named Button-Bright and later encounter Polychrome, the Rainbow's daughter.

The travelers visit a city of foxes and one of donkeys. They meet the Musicker and the Scoodlers and eventually, with the help of Johnny Dooit, cross the Deadly Desert into the Land of Oz.

They journey to the Emerald City meeting many of Dorothy's old friends along the way. They arrive just in time for Princess Ozma's birthday party, to which many distinguished guests from the neighboring countries have been invited as well as King Dox and King Kik-a-bray.

Finally, Dorothy and Toto return to Kansas while the Shaggy Man is invited to stay in Oz.


Design and illustration

The Road to Oz was the first Oz book to be published without color plate illustrations. Instead, the entire book was printed on pastel-colored paper — in sections of blue, green, beige, orange, gray, and lavender. (Later printings of the book dropped the colored paper for a standard white.) To compensate for the absence of color plates, Neill made his ink drawings unusually elaborate, with 21 full-page pictures.

Color plates returned with the next book in the series, The Emerald City of Oz, and remained standard until Captain Salt in Oz in 1936.

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