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The Martian Invasion of Oz[1] is a non-canonical novel written by Kass Stone. It is a follow up to his 2011 novel, A Zen Master In Oz.


The imperialistic King Phnayunkelphno II of Mars invades the Land of Oz. Racing to stop him is his daughter, Princess Elphy, and her companion, Hiya Duwin. Teaming up with classic Oz characters such The Woozy, Dorothy Gale, Betsy Bobbin, Trot, Ork, Patchwork Girl and others, as well as characters introduced in A Zen Master in Oz, the Martian heroes race to the Emerald City to help save Oz.


The illustrations for the novel were done by the author's eight year old daughter, Amelia Stone,

The Princess Elphy by illustrator Amelia Stone.

Martian Cover

The Martian Invasion of Oz

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