The Golden Goblin: or the Flying Dutchman Junior is a 1906 children's book, written by Curtis Dunham and illustrated by George Kerr. It is one of the books of its era often cited as an imitation of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.

Kerr's illustrations consist of eight full-page color plates as well as 39 two-color pictures, plus monochrome images and decorations that run under the text, very much in the style of the first Oz book. Kerr also illustrated the second, Bobbs-Merrill edition of L. Frank Baum's American Fairy Tales (1908).

Dunham's story involves two children, Jan and Gurtruida, who are shipwrecked in the Indian Ocean, and are picked up by the Flying Dutchman and accompany him on adventures. The title page bears an inscription, a sort of sub-subtitle, reading,

a Pleasant Fantasy for Children Based on the most Fascinating of all Undying Legends told in Prose and Verse by Curtis Dunham and in Pictures by G. F. Kerr.

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