The Disenhanted Princess of Oz is a modern-day Oz book, written, illustrated, and designed by Melody Grandy. It is the first volume in her trilogy, The Seven Blue Mountains of Oz, and is one of the best-reviewed and most widely-praised works in the contemporary Oz literature.

Grandy weaves a dense web of elements from Baum's books, with return visits to the Rose Kingdom, the Land of the Mangaboos, and the Valley of Voe. The shrinking berries from Pessim's island, from The Scarecrow of Oz, play a role too. Commonalities with the works of Ruth Plumly Thompson are also included, like the character Himself the elf from Handy Mandy in Oz and the subterranean garden of Gorba from Grampa in Oz.

Grandy's novel concerns the gender change between Tip and Ozma. Other modern Oz writers treat the same subject: see The Mysterious Chronicles of Oz and "Ozma Sees Herself."

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