The Clock of the Time Dragon is a traveling show, which contains many magicked tik-tok puppets that act out prophetic scenes. At the top of the tower-like container that holds the show, there is a painted clock, hands perpetually at one minute to midnight and above that, a tik-tok dragon so lifelike as to strike awe in the hearts of all who see it. It is the center of the pleasure faith religion and is accompanied by the dwarf. Elphaba is born inside the Time Dragon, and attempts to tell her that the Wizard is her father. Many of the characters in the Dragon's shows are later hunted down and killed or at least harassed, including Elphaba's parents and Turtle Heart. The clock has a more substantial role in the final two books of the series. The clock is looked after by the dwarf Mr Boss who is its caretaker. When the clock is not in use it remains hidden until it’s time for it to travel again. In A Lion Among Men it reveals Malky’s betrayal of Elphaba and Yackle’s origins. It is also revealed that the clock is used as a keep safe for the Grimmerie. In Out of Oz it reveals the Cherrystone’s plan to use dragons to capture Lake Restwater; as well as the fate of Ozma. The clock is usually pull by a group of seven boys, who make up the majority of the company of the clock. When the boys leave the company, Brrr is charged with pulling the clock as he is the only one strong enough. Mr Boss also reveals the clock has a secret plaque behind the stage which it uses to convey important information to its caretaker. Rain also manages to get the clock to fly down the Yellow brick road when they are pursued by soldiers and escape. The clock develops a dislike towards Rain because it predicts its own demise due to her. While travelling in the Sleeve of Ghastille, Brrr attempts to rescue Rain from apparent danger, forgetting he is tethered to the clock. The clock is severely damaged and the clock hands, perpetually set at one minute to midnight, strike midnight, which Mr Boss reveals only happens when it predicts its own death. After this event the clock refuses to house the Grimmerie. It also makes its final prophecy in the form of a still scene showing an earthquake. Although the characters interpret this as the ruin of Oz itself, it is actually the clock informing them of Dorothy's impending return to Oz. The clock is finally destroyed when Brrr attempts to save Rain once again, causing the clock to plunge into the poisoned Lake Kellswater, where it is lost forever.

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