(should not be confused with The Mysterious Chronicles of Oz) The Chronicles of Oz is ongoing collection of audio drama podcast adaptations of the Oz books created by Crossover Adventure Productions. It was started on February 19th 2017 with adapting The Wonderful Wizard of Oz which is still in production with episode 4 recently being released. Each episode runs between 34-43 minutes as all episodes are free and either listened to online or can be downloaded through iTunes.

Season Two is being written being based on The Marvelous Land of Oz with the unqiue option of having Tip and Ozma being written as two seperate characters who will talk to each other.


Dorothy Kara Dennison
The Scarecrow Aron Toman
The Tin Woodman Scobie Parker
The Lion Tom Denham
Aunt Em KC Pollak
Uncle Henry Scott R Pollak
Boq/Winged Monkey Jackson Cowan
Locasta Jennifer Alyx
Glinda Wendy Robinson
Faramant Brett Underwood
Jellia Jamb Michelle Drinnan
Omby Amby David Nagel
Ugu Benjamin Maio Mackay
The Wizard of Oz Rob Lloyd
Queen of the Field Mice Katie Karandais
Munchkin Guard/Storkguard/Tiger Mitch Achten

Tegan Harris


The series was first announced around July 2016 with the first scripts being written in September. Previously, the group they had created productions based on fan-fiction Doctor Who stories which were "Crossover Adventures" (none of which featured Oz).

Cast announcements were made in November 2016, and the first episode was released in February 2017.


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