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The Chicago Times-Herald published a significant share of the early prose fiction and verse of L. Frank Baum. The newspaper was Baum's most consistent market in the middle 1890s.

Early Baum stories that appeared in the Times-Herald include:

The paper also printed poems by Baum, including:

"Two Pictures" is a sports poem, while "The Latest in Magic" is about the discovery of X-rays in 1895.

The Times-Herald was the result of an 1895 combination of two earlier papers, the Chicago Times and the Herald.[1] In turn, the Times-Herald merged with other papers in the evolving Chicago newspaper market; a 1901 combination with the Chicago Record produced the Chicago Record-Herald. That paper published Baum's "Fairy Tales on Stage" in 1905.

The Times-Herald also printed the "Strange Tale of Nursery Folk" (1901), a story of disputed authorship.

In 1914 the Record-Herald endured another amalgamation to yield the Chicago Herald Examiner.


  1. W. W. Denslow once worked, briefly, for the Herald. At one time the managing editor of the Herald was Leigh Reilly, brother of Baum's publisher Frank Kennicott Reilly.

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