Terribus is the king of Spor, the mountainous bandit land at the center of the Island of Yew.


Terribus was noted for the harshness of his reign, and for his extreme ugliness. His skin was bright red, and his head bald and egg-shaped. He had three eyes, one in the front of his head, one in the back, and one on top. His nose was like an elephant's trunk. He had sharp white teeth and no lips.

Incongruously, his voice was sweet and agreeable. He dressed simply, in gray robes, and his throne was of rough-hewn rock. He was morbidly sensitive about his looks, and maintained the isolation of his kingdom to prevent the outside world from knowing about him.

All of this changed, however, once Prince Marvel used fairy magic to change Terribus into a handsome man. The king reformed, and became as kind as he formerly was cruel. He switched to royal purple robes and a golden throne. He became the ally of Marvel, and involved himself in the fairy prince's adventures in Twi and against the Red Rogue of Dawna. (The Enchanted Island of Yew)

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