Tazara is a large landmass or "great continent" that lies in the Nonestic Ocean.


Tazara has a tropical climate, and supports both deserts and jungles; its fauna includes camels, horses, and elephants. It is divided into "two large, long countries" — Ozamaland, which occupies the eastern coast, and Amaland to the west. (Captain Salt in Oz)


[The first edition of Captain Salt in Oz gives two different spellings for this name, first "Tarara" and then "Tazara." Given Thompson's taste in names — in this book, "Tazander Tazah of Ozamaland," and in others, "Tazzywaller" and "Tozzyfog" — "Tazara" is most likely what the author intended, and "Tarara" a misprint.

For a similar misprint problem, see Irashi.]

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