Title King
Species Human
Origin Ozamaland
Residence the Crescent Moon
First Appearance Captain Salt in Oz

Tazander Tazah, known to his boyhood friends as Tandy, was the crown prince, and is now the king, of Ozamaland.


After living his young life isolated in the White Tower of the Wise Men in the Ozaman capital, Tandy was a pale and frail child. Yet only a few months of vigorous life aboard the Crescent Moon helped the boy grow strong and fit.


His parents were murdered by the usurping Ozamandarins. The orphaned Tandy was sedated and spirited away from his country by Blogodore the Old Man of the Jungle, on a flying umbrellaphant. Tandy was kept prisoner for five months by the Leopard Men on Patrippany Island; after the Leopard Men were extinct, Tandy was fed by a friendly talking hippopotamus named Nikobo — until he was rescued by Captain Samuel Salt and King Ato. (Captain Salt in Oz)

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