The "Strange Tale of Nursery Folk" is a short story that originally appeared in The Chicago Times-Herald on 3 March 1901. The story has been attributed to L. Frank Baum, though that attribution has more recently been questioned.

The story is brief, just over a thousand words. It tells of a little girl named Margery, who, after being put to bed for the night, sees a procession of fantasy characters march across her bedclothes. The story refers to Baum's Father Goose, and quotes the opening stanza of one of its most famous poems, "Did you ever see a rabbit climb a tree?" It also mentions Mr. Jinks and "Old Mister Micklejohn and the clockworks man," other references to Father Goose.

"Strange Tale of Nursery Folk" was reprinted in the Autumn 1963 issue of The Baum Bugle. It appeared also in a separate limited edition from The Pamami Press (1978), and again in the collection The Runaway Shadows and Other Stories (1980),

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