The Story Blossom Garden is a plantation of specially-bred magical flowers, created by Ozana, a member of the fairy band of Queen Lurline.


The flowers in Ozana's Story Blossom Garden have human faces inside their blossoms; they can speak, and each flower appeals to passers-by to be picked so that it can tell its story in the listener's ear. Every flower has a unique tale to tell, though different types of flowers tell different kinds of stories. Roses tell love stories (though rambling roses tell travel stories). Pansies tell fairy tales. A tiger lily will recount "a thrilling story of splendid silken beasts in their sultry jungle lairs." A "spicily-scented" pink carnation can provide "an exciting story of intrigue and adventure in high places." Water lilies supply sea tales, while lotus blossoms and poppies offer their own seductive choices. Even the occasional weed in the Garden has a story, about "Dick Superguy — greatest detective in the world!"

The flowers wither after they recount their stories — but they can be buried in the earth to grow again.

Ozana originally created her Story Blossom Garden on top of Mount Illuso; Ozma transferred it to the Land of Oz when Ozana came there to live. (The Magical Mimics in Oz)


Royal Historian Jack Snow deliberately returned to the original inspiration of L. Frank Baum for his first Oz book — which could have limited the imaginative scope of his work. The Story Blossom Garden provides a "hook" for Snow's novel, a big dose of color, verve, and humor that it would otherwise have lacked.

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