Spor is the mountainous land located at the center of the Island of Yew, between Heg, Dawna, Auriel, and Plenta.


Spor is the central locus of Yew, just as the Emerald City lies at the center of Oz. Yet the two places are very different. While the Emerald City is powerfully positive in its influences, Spor was a bandit land, ruled by the mysterious King Terribus, and populated by "giants with huge clubs, and dwarfs who threw flaming darts, and the stern Gray Men of Spor, who were the most frightful of all." The other peoples of Yew were pleased if the denizens of Spor came to rob them only once a year.

It was only after the reformation of Terribus under the influence of Prince Marvel that Spor became pacified, and was no longer a threat to its neighbors. (The Enchanted Island of Yew)

The Royal Dragon of Spor is one of the land's most notable features.

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