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Solomon Tremendous Wise was a man who made an artificial assistant for himself, who he called Handy Mandy. He appears in Ruth Plumly Thompson's poem, "Handy Mandy: Solomon T. Wise's New Cook", which features a different version of the character than the one in her novel, Handy Mandy in Oz.


Solomon T. Wise built Handy Mandy out of tin, wire, wood, and other materials, so that she could efficiently do all the work. She had seven hands for her tasks. (Handy Mandy: Solomon T. Wise's New Cook)

Wise, and his version of Handy Mandy, were mentioned by Oz's Handy Mandy as an example of how there can be multiple similar people with the same name, while Ozma was telling a story about Lurline. (Lurline and the White Ravens of Oz)

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