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 So You Wanted To Meet The Wizard is a song from The Wiz. The Wizard  performs it for Dorothy Gale and her friends when they first visit the Emerald City and enter his room to ask him to grant their wishes. This song was excluded from the movie but was reprised by Queen Latifah in The Wiz Live!

So You Wanted To Meet The Wizard Lyrics

So you wanted to meet the Wizard?

Let me tell you that you've come to the right place

Shall I make you a frog or lizard?

You should see the strained expression on your face

If the way I come on is frighting

That's the way I felt like coming on today

Have you ever been kissed by lighting?

Let me tell you that will make you go away

I fly with magic of my power take me higher

To a level where the clouds turn into fire

In the rawness of the fire I feel fine

Best to keep your eyes wide open

In the magic you will see

You can feel it on the wind

As it emanates from me

It's a strong and true vibration

You can feel on your skin

So come and take my hand

And will dance upon the wind

So you wanted to meet the Wizard?

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