Skeezik and the Mys Tree of Oz: In Which is Related the Fate of an Old and Well-Hidden Oz Mystery and of Those Who Would Solve It is a modern Oz fiction, published in 1989 by Buckethead Enterprises of Oz. The work was written by Pam Baxter, Marcus Mebes, Juan Reggiardo, and Peter Sandbothe, and illustrated by Mebes.

Skeezik was the first in a series of anthology-type fictions created by Buckethead writers, that incorporate short stories by the collaborators. The Shifting Sands of Oz (1995) and Fwiirp in Oz (1996) are two subsequent Buckethead works of the same kind, both of which also involved Mebes as writer and illustrator.

The disparate elements in Skeezik range from traditional to modern: in the traditional vein, there is a retelling of the Echo myth and a version of Sleeping Beauty. In a contrasting vein, a bag lady is mugged by a youth gang, and killer robots turn on their maker.

Subsequent Buckethead books can be regarded as sequels to Skeezik. The Magic Tapestry of Oz (1992), a collaboration between Mebes and Chris Dulabone, is one such work; The Odd Tale of Osoenft in Oz (1994), written and illustrated by Mebes, provides backstory on the Skeeziques and their magic tree.

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