The Six Snubnosed Princesses, as seen in Sky Island.

The Six Snubnosed Princesses are the daughters of the Boolooroo of Sky Island.


The princesses are shaped much like all the other Blueskins, with round bodies and long, thin necks. They are all gorgeously dressed in silken gowns with many puffs and tucks and ruffles and flounces and laces and ribbons, all in shades of blue. Their hair is elaborate and comes to a point at the tops of their heads. Their snub noses are considered an evidence of high breeding.

Their names are Cerulia, Turquoise, Sapphire, Azure, Cobalt, and Indigo. Each of them has an unusual pet, all of which were badly mistreated.

Their rooms in the Royal Palace are magnificent. The long, broad reception room has forty-seven windows. Opening out of it are six lovely bedchambers, each furnished in great luxury. Adjoining each sleeping room is a separate marble bath, boudoir, and dressing room. The furnishings are splendid, decorated with blue-gold and blue gems. The divans and chairs are upholstered in blue satins and silks. The draperies are embroidered, and the rugs are woven with beautiful scenes in shades of blue.


When their father captured Trot and Cap'n Bill, the princesses took Trot as their slave, threatening to use her as a pincushion if she was not of use. She took such good care of the princesses' pets that the animals quickly grew to love her and rebelled against their unkind mistresses.

Knowing that Ghip-Ghisizzle would be the next Boolooroo when their father's term had ended, the Princesses fought over who would marry him. None of them loved him, but each wanted to become the next queen.

Trot eventually deposed the Boolooroo, and Ghip-Ghisizzle became Boolooroo in his place. Ghip wanted to patch all the princess to each other, but Queen Trot would not hear of it. The former princesses were sent to live in a modest cabin with their parents at the end of town. (Sky Island)

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