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shaggy man´s brother as seen in the scarecrow of oz

The Shaggy Man's Brother is the younger brother of the Shaggy Man. He considers himself very handsome.


He was a gold miner in Colorado who was taken captive by the Nome King. Ruggedo performed an enchantment on the miner making him ugly, and paraded him before his Nomes, calling him the Ugly One. He was then imprisoned in the Metal Forest.

Ten years later the Shaggy Man read about his brother's plight in Glinda's Great Book of Records and decided to go in search of him. When Shaggy and his companions found the Ugly One, he was reluctant to be rescued because of his appearance. The enchantment was broken by a kiss from a fairy, specifically Polychrome.

When the Shaggy Man refused to leave his brother and return to the Land of Oz, Princess Ozma brought them both to the Emerald City. (Tik-Tok of Oz)

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