Sesely is the daughter of Baron Merd of the kingdom of Heg. She worked the spell that transformed a fairy into Prince Marvel for a year.


As a teenaged girl, Sesely was a beauty, with golden hair and a sunny personality to match. She was often accompanied by her close friends and attendants Berna and Helda.


While in the Forest of Lurla, Sesely and her friends inadvertently picnicked in a fairy bower. The fairy they met there convinced Sesely to work a spell with the fairy's wand, which produced Prince Marvel. The fairy prince bore the picture of Sesely and her friends upon his shield during his adventures.

Later, Baron Merd's castle was attacked by the Red Rogue of Dawna and his men. The baron was killed, his castle destroyed, and Sesely and her friends taken prisoner — eventually to be rescued by Prince Marvel. Afterward, Sesely and Berna and Helda stayed with Baron Neggar, the father of Marvel's squire Nerle. When she grew to adulthood, Sesely married Nerle. (The Enchanted Island of Yew)

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