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Sea Serpents are ancient creatures who live in the sea.

There are only three in all the world, and they are thousands of years old. The oldest is King Anko, and his brothers are Unko and Inko. They each have their own ocean, but visit each other every hundred years.

Sea Serpents are kind-hearted, bashful, and shy. They are not beautiful in appearance, but do many kind deeds and are generally beloved by their friends the Mermaids. (The Sea Fairies)

The Scarecrow meets the A-B-Sea Serpent when it visits Munchkin Country. It mentions being friends with the Mermaids and teaching them their letters. (The Royal Book of Oz)

Since there are only three in all the world, it is possible the A-B-Sea Serpent is either Unko or Inko.

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