Sangoa is a lush and mysterious island in the Pacific Ocean.


Originally uninhabited, Sangoa was discovered by a descendant of the American Revolutionary War hero John Paul Jones. This later-day Jones bought people from the United States to settle the place, which proved to possess an unusually rich pearl fishery. The founder and his heirs have marketed the island's pearls on the world gem market while keeping the island's location and even its existence secret, to prevent traders and tourists from overrunning the place. The island nearest to Sangoa is the equally unknown and uncharted Toerdal. (Aunt Jane's Nieces Out West)


L. Frank Baum created a similar island, a pearl-rich independent polity, in Pingaree. (Rinkitink in Oz)

Sangoa is also notable as a sort of planned society, artificially and deliberately created by a visionary individual. In that sense it can be compared with the Emerald City.

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