Samuel Salt
Samuel Salt
Title Royal Explorer of Oz
Captain, Crescent Moon
Species Human
Affiliation Land of Oz, Ozma
First Appearance Pirates in Oz

Samuel Salt, captain of the ship Crescent Moon, is the most famous mariner of Nonestica.


He is six feet tall and an imposing physical presence, with a fierce beard. He sometimes wears a scimitar, and occasionally carries it in his teeth. He dresses flashily when the occasion warrants, though aboard ship he likes to dress casually in his red shorts.


He first gained fame as a pirate captain, though he always preferred exploring and making discoveries to plundering. His crew abandoned him and stole one of his two ships. He decided to plunder an island for men and supplies and then pursue, but instead he found King Ato, whose men had also deserted him. Salt, Ato, and Roger the Read Bird left on the Crescent Moon to pursue both groups of departed men. During their adventure, they met Peter Brown and were instrumental in saving Oz from Ruggedo. Salt then fully reformed and became an official explorer for Oz.(Pirates in Oz)

Captain Salt had the Crescent Moon refitted by the Red Jinn, and then launched on his mission of exploration with Ato and Roger. They also found a new cabin boy in Tazander Tazah, or Tandy for short. They discovered many new islands for Oz, including Tandy's homeland of Ozamaland. All of these countries were conquered for Oz, but only with their consent, of course. (Captain Salt in Oz)

Salt was later present for Ozma's birthday celebration in the Emerald City, when Jenny Jump arrived. He was still in the city soon after, when it was attacked by Heelers. (The Wonder City of Oz)

He was also present for the Wizard's unveiling of Scalawagons at Glinda's palace, and he received one of his own. (The Scalawagons of Oz)

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